Don't want to Scuba Dive? Try Snorkeling in Bonaire

Snorkeling in Bonaire

If you don't want to go scuba diving you should try snorkeling in Bonaire.

I bet you've always hear how Bonaire is a popular spot for scuba diving, but hardly ever hear how much snorkelers love it too.

If you want to enjoy the unlimited views and encounters with marine life without all the heavy scuba equipment and training, give snorkeling a try.

If you are a little nervous because it's your first time, stay in shallow water until you are comfortable.

You really don't want to miss out, the snorkeling in Bonaire is great!

snorkeling in bonaire

It's simple to go snorkeling in Bonaire. In no time at all you can look like a snorkel pro, just like the snorkeler in this picture.
Are you worried that you won’t float? These Bonaire waters are some of the easiest waters to float on.

Because the water has a high salinity level, the water is denser; therefore, it is better for floating.

It's great to learn how to snorkel in.

Try it, you'll like it. It's nice!

Snorkeling in Bonaire is Easy

The first time you snorkle you should try to float on your back in waist deep water.

If you can't float on your own, go get some kind of floatation device while in the water. The will help you to feel more comfortable while you learn to snorkel.

Next, the breathing pattern underwater is much different than the breathing pattern in air (as you might imagine).

If this is your first time you should try to breathe in waist deep water before moving to bigger, better waters.

A little practice will help you to feel more comfortable, and knowing your in only waist deep water will help you to be brave.

The snorkeling mask and tube may feel a little funny in the beginning, just give it a little while, and you will soon forget you have it on.

You will be too busy looking at all the fish swimming near you.

You'd really like to meet this boxfish, wouldn't you? Look how cute he is!

You can see him, and lots of his marine friends when you snorkel. It's an amazing world down there under the water and it's just waiting for you to take a look.

Did you know there are over 300 variety of fish in the pristine fringed coral reef that surrounds Bonaire?

One great thing about snorkeling is that anyone at any age can do it with the right equipment and information.

Unlike Scuba diving there are no courses or licenses you have to get to snorkel. It requires a very basic knowledge of swimming, and it's easy to get used to using the snorkel equipment.

You can try to buy some discount snorkel gear before your vacation, or you can buy or rent some on the island. There are plenty of dive shops and stores to get what you need.

Underwater swimming with a mask, a mouth tube (called a snorkel) and a pair of fins can be a great family outing.

The kids will love it! You can enjoy this new underwater world together while your spending some quality time with the kids.

You will also, as a family, be making some very special memories that will last a lifetime.

On the other hand, snorkeling does have one negative drawback.

Some people do not apply waterproof sunscreen on their arms, backs, and the back of their legs.


Just because you are in the water does not mean the sun won’t reach out and try to take you to the red, itchy side.

Put your sunscreen all over!!

And make sure to pack it with your towels.

When you go snorkeling in Bonaire you don't have to limit your water time to day light hours, you can go snorkeling at night.

The difference is literally like Night and Day! (Sorry, I couldn't help myself! LOL) There is a great difference in the Bonaire reef in the night hours. You think your going to see the same thing in a different light (flashlight actually!), but it is not the same.

When its dark, you can see marine life that are nocturnal only (which means they only come out at night). You will see many forms of life that you did not see in the daytime.

You would think the opposite, wouldn't you?

At night the reef is busy as can be with all those little guys who hide in the day light hours and come out only at night.

They are amazing, and you most likely have never seen any of them before.

If you are going to snorkel at night, you will need a flashlight along with your towels and gear.

If you decide to snorkel at night make sure to go to the same area you spent the day in.

This will do two things.

First, you will get to compare and contrast the two different times by the marine life.

Second, since you are already familiar with the area you will be able to navigate better.

Remember the Park Fee

Just remember that for any activities in Bonaire that bring you into the water, swimming, sailing, scuba diving, or snorkeling, you must have a pass from the Bonaire National Marine Park.

This tag is $10 USD and is valid for one calendar year.

The price of the tag helps to support the wonderful efforts the people of the island put into the preservation of the marine life in the reefs so it will continue to provide an exciting and educating place to scuba and snorkel.

It costs much less than going to an amusement park, and it will be lots more fun too.

These tags can be purchased at any dive shops and many hotels, shops, resorts, sport fishing stores and charters, marinas, and other water related activity shops.

The people and businesses of Bonaire know you came to enjoy the water, and to snorkel and scuba dive and they have everything you will need to enjoy your vacation.

Ask them for tips about which of the many beaches is the best to go snorkeling.

Now that you know how much fun your going to have, strap on your mask and get ready to enjoy the experience and views of a lifetime.

Snorkeling in Bonaire, during the day or at night, is an thrill you will want to experience again and again.

It may even help you to decide to try Scuba diving.

Bonaire is waiting for you, what are you waiting for?

Other Activities

There are many water related sports and tours you can take while your in Bonaire. You can even earn your Scuba diving certificate if you would like to.

Check out some of the links below to see what else you can do on your vacation.

If it's nature your interested in seeing you might try the Bonaire National Park where you can see unusual birds, including the beautiful pink flamingos, and some iguana.

Here in Bonaire the Iguana run free, they are friendly, and they are vegetarians. Did you know Iguana can grow to over 6 feet?

And you thought all the island of Bonaire offered was Scuba diving!

Besides Scuba diving and Snorkeling in Bonaire there are plenty of other water and land related activities too.

bonaire iguana

I think this Iguana wants to go snorkeling too!

Can you imagine what he would look like in a little snorkel mask?

See, everyone wants to go snorkeling in Bonaire!

If you enjoy the underwater world, you may want to consider Grand Cayman snorkeling sometime. Go to Grand Cayman Wanderer for a taster.

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