Mountain Bike Bonaire?

Mountain Bike Bonaire? It's not the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Bonaire Island, the Diver's Paradise.

It does make sense after I think about it for a moment.

There are plenty of sights to see on Bonaire, and one way to see them is to ride a bike.

You can find a bike rental shop, or your hotel may have some bikes you can rent. Just check at the desk and they will be happy to help you.

First, decide what kind of bike rental you need. There is the dutch bike, which is fine for getting around in and near town, and there is the mountain bike, which you will need for the trails.

Bonaire may not come to mind when you think cycling, but there are several bike trails you can follow, or you can make your own trail. The trails range from easy to expert, so choose carefully.

Biking is becoming a popular way to travel around the island.

Make sure to ask for a map of the Mountain Bike trails at your hotel or the bike rental office.

Be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen, WATER, and a bathing suit might come in handy in case you want to stop for a swim, or a snorkel.

In Bonaire your never too far from the water!

List of Bonaire Bike Trails

There are six main bike trails. You can complete them whole, or take an alternate route if you choose.

Or you can forge your own trail and cycle across or around the island. (just remember your map!)

The Coastal Bike Trail is about 15 miles and takes you past (or through) the town of Rincon.

The Seru Largu Bike Trail is about half the distance of the Coastal Trail, but it is much steeper. Make sure you rented a mountain bike if your going to take this trail.

The Southern Bike Trail is about 25 miles, but it is on paved, flat roads, so it's easy going. You can check out the salt works and salt pier along the way, see Pink Beach, visit the red and white slave huts, and end up at Lac Bay.

The Lagun-CaiBike Trail is about 21 miles on flat roads, but they are dirt roads rather than paved. It ends up over at the mangrove area near Lac Bay called Cai Point. You can see Lagun, the old Spelunk light house and watch the water spray over the rocks. You may even decide to take a shower in the salt water sprays.

Bike along The East Coast Bike Trail and it will take you to Lagun during the flat part of your ride and then the trail slants upward to get to Boca Oliva. The East Coast Bike Trail is about 22 miles long.

The National Park Bike Trail is long, about 43 miles. It can be a little rough going since it is on dirt roads, as well as paved. If your going to do this trail make sure to check with the park in advance to make sure you can enter it with your bike. This trail is so long, I would recommend you do it with a tour group.

A lot of the trails pass by the water, (cause your on an island...right?!) so you can stop along the way and swim and snorkel.

Bonaire is a desert so make sure you bring plenty of drinking water, and sun screen too. There are no convenience stores on the trails so make sure you are prepared for your ride.

If you are passing by Rincon you can stop at one of the several restaurants there for a bite to eat, and a rest. You can also stop for lunch at Lac Bay.

Make sure to check out your trails and what is available to you on each.

I like to go with a tour or a guide for just that reason. I think you get a lot more information on the island, it's history, and it's people by being guided by a local guide.

Bike Rentals are Available at:

1. Bonaire Tours & Vacations N.V.

Offers a three hour Mountain Bike tour with an ecologist who will identify plant, animal and bird species for you.

2. Bonaire Wellness Connections

Offers a Mountain Bike tour. You can stop at Lake Gotomeer, Bonaire's salt lake and see the pink flamingo.

3. Buddy Dive

Not only can they take care of your scuba needs while in Bonaire, but they will put together a Bike tour with your wants in mind.

4. Freewieler Bonaire

Rents Bikes for adults and children, by the week or by the day. Offers bikes, mountain bikes and quads.

5. Outdoor Bonaire

Offers Mountain Bike tours

6. Rento Fun Drive

Can take care of your bike rental, jeep, truck, motorcycle and buggy needs.

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