Bonaire WebCam Take a Look

If you can't come to Bonaire...Check out a Bonaire webcam.

Anytime you feel like taking a vacation to Bonaire, but can't, you need to check out a Boniare webcam!

Yes...You can see what's going on in Bonaire anytime, 24-7. Bonaire has several webcam viewing sites set up.

What Can I See Via the Beachcam

The spots you can look at via a webcam are:

1. The Pier Reef via the Pier Reef Cam

2. Eden Beach via the BeachCam North

3. Towards WannaDive via the BeachCam South

4. Eden Beach from the Brisa del Mar Restaurant via the BeachBarCam

5. The Bonaire Donkey Sanctuary via the DonkeyCam

6. Downtown Kralendijk via the DowntownCam

Sorobon at Lac Bai via the WindsurfCam

7. and you can also see the shore and water at Dive Friends' Yellow Submarine dive shop in Kralendijk via the Dive Friends YellowSub PierCam.

My favorite beachcam is the one at the Pier Reef.


Because this beachcam is underwater and you get to see divers and fish.

It makes me feel refreshed, like I am the one in the water.

Have you ever looked through a beachcam before? Beachcam set ups allow you to take a look under the water and on the beaches of some of the different areas of the island.

So even if you can't get on a plane and come to Bonaire for a dive vacation right now, you can get your "Bonaire Fix".

Come on and take a look through one of the beachcam set ups and then close your eyes.

You can have a Bonaire break no matter where you are!

And later you can begin to plan your next vacation to The Dutch Caribbean...

Where to Find a Bonaire Webcam

I almost forgot to tell you how to find the Bonaire beachcam site. Just go to

This link will direct you right to the site so you can read about the history of the webcams in Bonaire and find out where they are and how to see them.

There are beachcam set ups all over the world, so you can search to find your favorite one. A beachcam is such a great idea, don't you think?

Try it, you'll like it!

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